BLUE Striped Vintage Grain Sacks

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European Grain Sacks

Every grain sack is a unique, hand-woven and much loved piece of European history.

The History of Vintage European Grain Sacks

Grain sacks date from the mid 1800’s to about 1940.

Grain sacks were used by European farmers to store their grain and as means to transport their crops to the mills. The sacks were hand woven or homespun on the farm, typically by the farmers’ wife. Unique stripe patterns (mainly red & blue) were woven into the sacks so that farmers could easily identify their bags at the mills. In addition, some cross stitched their initials or families’ monogram on the sacks to further distinguish them. Once woven, they were stored in the homesteads, often in large old chests or the attic, until harvest time.

German grain sacks are now extremely rare as most were destroyed during the wars. Eastern European grain sacks, in particular Hungarian and Romanian, can still be found in hidden farmyard chests and are available in antique stores today.

The Fabric

Every sack is unique and differs in size, texture, colouring and weight. Each sack is one continuous piece and hand stitched at the sides; if you open it out you will have over 2 metres of lovely cloth.

The famers would set aside some land for growing hemp or flax specifically to create the fabric. They would harvest the hemp or flax, soak it to loosen the fibres, clean and spin the fibres into thread and then weave the fabric. In this way they would create an extremely durable, yet workable fabric which was perfect for grain sacks.

Vintage grain sacks come in a variety of weaves and stripe colours. The shades vary from earthen grey, warm creams and lighter whites. Some are plain, while others feature stripes or banding in a range of colours. The fibre content is usually hemp, flax or a combination of the two. Weaves range from a lovely open, loose weave to finely woven, tight and neatly spaced. Textures range from soft to rough. They are hand woven mostly from home spun vintage hemp. Hemp softens and lightens with age and washing.

Caring for you Grain Sack

Grain Sacks were created and weaved to withstand decades of heavy use. With a little care your grain sack will last for a very long time.

Grain sacks are 100% machine washable.

Wash them on a regular warm cycle and then hang to dry.

Stains can be spayed with an oxi-action liquid prior to laundering.

Suggestion: Add a fabric conditioner to the final rinse for added softness.

Buying Your Grain Sack Online

Every grain sack is unique, so without looking at every grain sack we have available you will need to specify your preferences in regards to style of weave, colour of sack & stripe colour. We will do our best to match your preference ... no doubt you will love the grain sack you receive !

There are 2 sizes :

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Large :

Please type in your preferences as follows:

Weave : fine, medium, heavy

Grain sack base colour : light, medium, darker

Blue stripe : bright, navy, grey/blue

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